Inlet Fitting Hayward

Inlet Fitting Hayward


The Hayward® Turbo Jet is a simple Hydromassage that will transform your pool into relaxation haven. The Twin Venturi System combines with water and air while increasing water output that produces excellent hydro massage effect.

THE ADVANTAGES Universal: it can be used with all types of pool, liner, concrete or above ground
Versatile: the Turbo Jet will satisfy all your wishes from the vigorous massage to a relaxing bath


Code Description
SP-1419-A INLET FITTING SP 1419 A USD          13
SP-1419-E INLET FTTING 1" SP-1419 E USD          13
SP-1419-C INLET FITTING 1/2" SP-1419-C USD          13
SP-1419-D INLET FITTING 3/4" SP-1419-D USD          13
SP-1419-B INLET FTTING 3/8" SP-1419 B USD          13

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